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My daughter's birthday was around the corner, so I bought her a custom birthday song from Ignattius. It took him 4 days to get it done and WOOOW!! My daughter started to show it off to her friends LOL!! Totally recommended if you are after a unique gift!

— Karen D. (Montreal, Canada)

I paid for a Galantis - Runaway Remix and bro.... totally worth it! This was my first time paying that much for music but you know what... YOLO! Now it's probably my favorite track of all time!!

— Mark R. (Leipzig, Germany)

Puuuffff.... That happy birthday song is F&%ING dark!!! So glad I bought this... thanks Ignattius!!!— Jeff. S (Dortmund, Germany)

I'm 52 years old and I wanted to craft my own song... We made a Rap, Metal, Deep House with Ignattius, I can't believe I got this treasure... and the best of all, it's only mine!!! LOL— Robert. K (Orlando, USA)

A mi hermano le encantó la canción de cumpleaños, genial realmente se lo recomiendo a todos. Grande Ignattius!— Iván. P (Barcelona, Spain)