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Ignattius Official MUSIC & Merch

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Fans from all over the world can get their original neo-gothic designed merchandise conceptualized by Ignattius himself!


Woooooww!!! I love my 'Laila & Ed' iPhone case and It feels amazing not to mention that is eco-friendly which is very important too... 10/10!! You also got the tracking app so it's a safe purchase!

Carol Berg (Sydney, Australia)

Lester & Fluffy rocks!!! my t-shirt is ultra soft and bro... the black is so pure... I'm in love with this, i'm buying again for sure!!! 10/10. Recommended!

Tom Friedman (Austin, Texas)

I simply love your music and now I'm in love with my Jimmy hoodie! I truly believe in your cause!!! 5/5 !!! 

Anna Warren (Montreal, Canada)

This hoodie feels great, I love it. But, what I really really loved is the 'Lucy' design... man ... can't believe that your designs are as great as your music, god bless you bro!!!

Mike Graham (Seattle, USA)

I bought 3 notebooks for my little cousins and they loved it! My next purchase will be a t-shirt for sure! 5 stars!!

Landon Stevens (London, UK)

About Ignattius & his Shop:

Ignattius is the creator of neo-gothic house music! A new subgenre based on the intense groove of energetic house music, mixed with the aggressiveness of heavy metal under a Neo-Gothic atmosphere. He is one of the most promising and exciting new EDM artists on the South American scene at the moment! // The purpose of this shop is to deliver official Ignattius music & merchandise with original neo-gothic designs conceptualized by Ignattius himself.